Company profile

EC SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL, a worldwide supplier of wireless solutions for telecommunication operators, internet service providers, Oil&Gas Corporate and CCTV networks. The company, established in  2010 year, provides complete portfolio of  optical wireless Point to Point solution based on Free-space-optic equipment and  high-capacity wireless broadband equipment for Point-to-Point and Point-to- Multipoint networks. EC SYSTEM wireless optical equipment FSO and high-capacity wireless  broadband equipment for 3GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz has robust design and are manufactured to resist harsh environmental conditions. EC SYSTEM professional high capacity base stations with license upgradable capacity and CPEs enables advanced Triple-Play Services, Video Surveillance over long distances and Advanced QoS. EC SYSTEM broadband Point-to-Point links works also as LTE-ready microwave backhaul and Non-Light-of-Sight backhaul in dense urban areas. EC-SYSTEM Free space optics (FSO) based on Laser technology allows provide high capacity wireless optical communication. It is the most secure communication technology for high secure data trasmition. Its Active-Link- loss forwarding and Auto-Tracking- system allows quick and easy installation.  EC SYSTEM Free space optics (FSO) based on laser technology is immune to interference and is the most secure communication, granted the high confidentiality of transmited data.  Its expansion modules allows increase the capacity up to 40 Gbps.   

EC SYSTEM equipment has been deployed in many countries  and companies in the world.


  • Security of the  Business
  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Ethics
  • Respect for the Human Being
  • Transparency
 Corporative Social Responsibility Policy

At EC SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL a.s., we define Corporative Social Responsibility as follows:

  • Conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner
  • Protecting the environment and the safety of people
  • Support human rights
  • Respecting and supporting the communities and cultures

Business Ethics and Transparency

EC SYSTEM conducts its business in an open, honest and ethical manner. EC SYSTEM recognizes the importance of protecting all of our human, financial, physical, social, environmental assets. Our business behavior is based on open and transparent dealings in accordance with legal regulations.

Environment Health and Safety

EC SYSTEM is committed to protection the health and safety of all individuals affected by our activities, including our employees, contractors and the public.  EC SYSTEM provides a safe and healthy working environment, and will not compromise the health and safety of any individual.

Employee Relations

EC SYSTEM will apply fair labor practices, while respecting the national and local laws of the countries and communities where we operate. EC SYSTEM  ensures safe and healthy working conditions and salary in accordance with legal regulations. It is prohibited involuntary and child labor and will not engage in or tolerate unlawful workplace conduct, including discrimination, intimidation, or harassment.

EC SYSTEM will always strive to build trust and demonstrate respect for human dignity and rights in all relationships in enters into, including respect for cultures, customs and values of individuals and groups. In EC SYSTEM will not tolerate any form  of discrimination.