Video and data transmission in motion

video transmission in mobilityEC SYSTEM wireless mobility solution for data transfer without interuption and video transmission in motion provides wireless services to passengers including streaming  video services, video surveillance and security services between train, cars or vessels and data center at the same time. EC SYSTEM provides plug-and-play wireless equipment with fast setting up and alignment, automatic base station tuning and EC SYSTEM MUX switch for agregation for using especially in nomadic and mobile vessels. 

EC SYSTEM mobile units allow create different topologies and provide quick handover and redundancy capabilities. EC SYSTEM mobile units support offshore operation and keep crews and vessels on the move permanently connected and give them access to VoIP, SCADA data and email even while traveling between sites.

Application of EC SYSTEM mobility solution:

Wireless connectivity in motion

  • Real-time CCTV and Internet access on board
  • Video and data transfer between train, cars, off-shore and vessels
  • Remote monitoring and communication of off-shore rig, oil and mobile drilling platform 
  • Point-to-Point link between offshore platforms
  • Point-to-Multipoint networks for video surveillance on the board of train,metro
  • Transmission of critical information to and from a tanker or maintenance boat
  • Video conference between an off-shore platform and headquarter


  • Redundancy path optimization in order to deliver data as fast as possible
  • High capacity throughput up to 100 Mbps per each Mobility Unit
  • Low latency and predictable jiter due to TDMA protocol
  • Advanced QoS
  • Non Line-of Sight and near Line-of-Sight operation
  • Controled uplink/downlink ratio
  • Train speed up to 150 km/hour
  • Compliance with HAZLOC and ATEX certificates to operate in hazardous and potentially explosive atmospheres
  • IP67 and IP66 protection
  • Typical solution architecture
CASE STUDY of Point-to-Multipoint communication on board of train or metro

Services provided on board of trains or in metro demands reliable quality  of connection  to provide real-time applications, VoIP, video surveillance. high/speed internet access  and security services. In the same time providing  reliable communication faces with different challenges such disconnection of wireless links in tunnels, tunnels are not straight, multiple reflections and interferences and trains are very fast.  The handover of the dates between base stations depends on the solving these challanges.  EC SYSTEM wireless mobility solution uses MINT protocol to minimaze time for data delivery with constant link quality checking. MINT protocol guarantees utilization of the best connection all the time no matter how frequent the reconnection of CPEś between Base stations, minimum latency for Services . Transport MINT  protocol is capable work with multiple redundant paths to optimize data flow.

Base stations mounted back-to-back along the train route. Each Base station antenna utilizes diversity. It is recommended to place Base station on the tunnel ceiling to ensure additional redundancy and reliability.

Mobility units are mounted in each train. It is recommended the installation at least of two mobility units, one on the front and the second one ont the back of the train.

Each unit has configuration for MINT-over Ethernet to establish both full and closed MINT area.

EC SYSTEM switches will aggregate links act as border switch between Ethernet and MINT areas, load balance traffic.

Path selection and traffic flow switches between paths handled by the transport MINT protocol. The passangers on the board will have minimum latency for interactive services and video surveillance will transfer video in real time without delays.

  • Reliable communication between train stations
  • Automatec management of crossings along train routes
  • Remote management of fixed an rolling assets
Recommended base stations:

EC SYSTEM  base station with 16 dBi wide-beam integrated antenna for wide metro tunnels, especialy with two or more railways.

EC SYSTEM base station with 23 dBi narrow-beam integrated antenna for single tunnels, especially with long passages between metro stations (and long passages between BS too)

Recommended mobility units:

EC SYSTEM subscriber terminal connectorized with N-type connector for external antenna connection

EC SYSTEM MUX switch with built-in MINT protocol 

Key features of EC SYSTEM MUX switch:
  • Border unit between Ethernet and MINT protocol
  • Aggregation for multiple MINT units
  • Load-balancer for multiple MINT links


Point to Point EC Link

High-speed data, video and voice services for last mile solutions.

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