Real-time CCTV monitoring of remote areas

CCTV Real-time monitoring Bacbone BATMAN, TURKEY, September 2015



CCTV cameras surveillance wih EC SYSTEM

  • Wireless connection of the remote facilities (oil wells and towers), located outside the city with monitoring center CCTV cameras surveillance with EC SYSTEM.
  • Real-time CCTV video transmission  from the thermal and infrared cameras to the monitoring center.
  • High reliability of the links used
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Possibility of future capacity and structural upgrade
  • Immediate use after installation

Weather condition:

Batman, is a Mediterranean city in the south eastern Anatolia region of Turkey and lies on Batman and Tigris rivers. The floods usually occur between March and May, although they sometimes occur between October and November. Batman has a hot summer Mediterranean climate. Winters are cool and humid, with much precipitation and also cloudy. Summers are hot and dry with temperatures above 35 °C (95 °F). On average, Batman has a lot of sunshine.


The EC SYSTEM wireless outdoor Point-to-Multipoint and wireless point-to-point microwave radios are used to connect cameras and transmit the video in real-time to the monitoring center.

The EC SYSTEM wireless outdoor solution Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint is ideal for such type of application like CCTV and real-time monitoring and other types of wireless video surveillance to provide  the real-time monitoring of the remote areas and keep the property safe and prevent any kind of damage or loss.


We used EC SYSTEM wireless point to multipoint solution working in 5GHz bands. The base stations were chose with capacity 300 Mbps and customer premise equipment (CPEs) with capacity 50 Mbps. The installation was made in cooperation with our business partner, an installation company in Turkey.


Upgrade possibilities:

As wireless base stations models are able to connect to as many CPEs as needed, in case of expanding to more mining sites is possible just to add the corresponding number of CPEs.

The transmission capacity of „S5“ models can be upgraded anytime up to 300 Mbps by purchasing software license with no need of additional equipment.


With growing energy consumption, safe ways of its production are vital POINT TO MULTIPOINT EC SYSTEM.

The control and monitoring of wells is an essential part of safe energy production.

Next steps:

In the future, is posibility to  expand done by adding more CPEs to the current structure and adding a 3rd sector with 1 base  point and several CPEs.



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