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30. 3. 2020
Delivery of wireless optical link 10Gbps Italy

Delivery of EL-10G wireless optical link with capacity 10Gbps Full Duplex to the production company in Italy.

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12. 6. 2019
Training partner companie´s staff Singapor

Staff of our partner company "J&S Telecoms International Pte Ltd" Singapor received training of instalation EC SYSTEM FSO and the instalation of EL-10Gex...

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10. 1. 2019
FSO EL-10Gex in Singapore

EC SYSTEM supplied FSO EL-10Gex with 10Gbps Full Duplex capacity with option of upgrade up to 30Gbps capacity to new customer in Singapore.

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19. 10. 2018
Wireless Point to Point 5GHz Romania

Romanian Customers chosen EC SYSTEM 5GHz Point to Point solution with integrated antennas to provide connection with higher reliability in the areas, where...

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20. 6. 2018
Laser Link 10 Gbps connection in Japan

EC SYSTEM EL-10G supplied to the new client in Japan. Laser is a great high speed secure form of 10 Giga full duplex connecting two sites together for data...

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5. 10. 2017
Point to Point 6GHz Slovenia

Point to Point wireless 6 GHz solution based on the high capacity model ECM-H6-CR500 designed for connection with external antennas. ECM-H6-CR500 equiped...

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5. 9. 2017
Cable free optical technology deployment in Mauritius

EC SYSTEM cable-free optical technology (FSO) with throughput 1 Gigabit/s Full Duplex was used in Mauritius by our partner, leading service provider in...

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1. 6. 2017
Get to know new Free space optics 30 Gigabits

EC SYSTEM presents new Free space optics equipment with net throughput 30 Gigabits Full Duplex and low latency, which can provide optical wireless connection...

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11. 5. 2017
EC SYSTEM Free space optics Bank sector Angola

EC SYSTEM Free space optics has been chosen again by leading Internet Service provider and Operator in Angola to provide high secure and high capacity...

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1. 3. 2017
New Gigabit Wireless Point-to-Point link

ECM-P5G is a brand new family of products, that can provide throughput up to 1 Gbps in 5GHz license-free frequency bands.

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