Can you help me how tho configure the EC SYSTEM wireless ECM H? I have bought 2 devices and I have to do point to point.

Your radios chould come with a ste-by-step guide to installing the radios. We can provide online guidance but will dneed more information from you esp. regarding your link requirements. Contact our technical specialist.

I recently have an enquiry from a client, on maintaining over 20 nos. of wireless link and their existing ODU´s were EC SYSTEM. They are asking for a spare with different bandwidth of the same type of ODU. I have experience with the other wireless products but as I have seen, it seems like that most of the configuration of the ODUś was by syntax command. So I would like to know more about this product.

1. Does the EC SYSTEM ODU´s are TDM and OFDM?

1. EC SYSTEM´s radio is TDD running OFDM.

2. Does the EC SYSTEM ODU´s need a key to activate the other parameters of the product?

Most product features are offered without limitation except for:

-Bandwith - we adopt a" pay as you grow license" key model for bitrates throughput

-PTP license key for selected CPE models


If I set up alink with the master and the slave on DFS with auto channel selection what are the thresholds/interference levels that will cause the units to switch channels to change?

Link drop or radar detection will force unit do find other channel.

Is there an option to completely disable DFS on ECM H and only run on a single channel?

Disabling DFS violates regulatory requirements in European market, so this option has been disabled in all EC SYSTEM units being shipped to European market.

Frequent asked questions about Free space optics (FSO)
Is the light visible?

This line-of-sight (LOS) technology uses invisible beams of light to provide optical bandwidt connections. It´s capable of sending up to 10 312,5 Mbps of  data, voice and video communications simultaneously through the air - enebling optic connectivity without requiring physical fibre-optic cable.

Is it required fibre-optic cable or spectrum licenses?

This optical connectivity does not require expensive fibre-optic cable or securing specrum licenses for radio frequency (RF) solutions. FSO technology requires light. The use of light is similar to optical transmissions through fibre-optic cables, the only difference is the medium. Light travels through air faster than it does through glass.

How works FSO technology?

It´s based on connectivity between FSO optical units, each consisting of an optical transceiver with a transmitter and receiver to provide full duplex capacity. Optical unit transmits light through the atmosphere to another lens receiving the information.

What are the advantages of using EC SYSTEM Free space optics?
  • Fast deployment
  • No regulation
  • No diging
  • Quick and easy deployment and redeployment
  • Best in class Security of optical transmission provides increased protection from cyber attacks
  • Advanced Free Space Optics with Automatic tracking system and Automatic Gain Control with possible modular increasing of capacity
  • Low Cost/high ROI
  • Competitive advantage-possibility offer big data transfer to customers sooner than competitor
Why use Optical or Radio frequency technology?

Optical wireless, based on FSO-technology, is an outdoor wireless equipment that provides the speed of optical fibre, with the flexibility of wireless. It enables optical transmission at speeds up to 10 Gbps and EC SYSTEM FSO is capable upgrade up to 40 Gbps. This is not possible with any fixed wireless or RF technology. Optical wireless also eliminates the need to buy expensive spectrum (it does not require permission or municipal license approvals). FSO technology is narrow beam and enables faster integration and most simple than the technology of optic-fibre cable.

How to deployed the FSO?

AS FSO is a line-of sight technology, the interconnecting points must be free from physical obstruction and able to "see" each other. But agains to the radio technology does not need Fresnel zone.

Have the weather effect on the reliability of FSO connection?

Rain and snow have little effect on FSO technology, do not effect so as are affecting for example microwaves. Fog can modify light characteristics or completely hinder the passage of light through a combination of absorption, scattering, and reflection. Free space optics, based on 1550nm wavelenght, have considerably lower optical loss than Free space optics, using 830 nm wavelength, in dense fog conditions. It is recommended to counter fog when deploying FSO-based optical wireless products, network design for shorters FSO link distances and adds network backup. FSO installations in foggy places have successfully achieved carrier-class reliability. FSO using wavelength 1550 nm  are capable of transmitting several times higher power than systems with 850 nm and are at the same time safe to the human eye (1M class). EC SYSTEM’s FSO has in build Real-time AGC (Automatic Gain Control) in every model to regulate the optical transmit power of the laser diode depending on the link quality which is constantly monitored. This is to ensure high availability of the transmitting circuit. 

Are the flying birds interrupting the connection?

Flying birds can temporarily block a single beam FSO system, but this tends to cause only short interrutpions and transmissions are easily and automatically resumed. Some ES SYSTEM models use multi-beam systems to adress temporary obstructions to provide greater avaibility. 

How building, mast movement or seismic activity influence reliability of Free space optic equipment?

The movement of buildings can upset receiver and transmitter alignment, but EC SYSTEM´s FSO - optical wireless equipment to maintain cennectivity use Real-time Auto tracking system in every modele to compensate thermal expansion, wind or earthquake that cause mass or building movement.

Is it FSO eye safety?

EC SYSTEM´s FSO uses of the 1550nm wavelenght. This wavelenght makes it  safe to the human eye and allows higher power than the other FSO,which are produced by others companies and use lower wavelenght. The equipment, used strictly with accordance to the instruction manual is safety.The EC SYSTEM´s free space optics complies with standards.

What is the operational range of EC SYSTEM FSO?

The operational range depends on the modele. Please refer to the product specifications for each product or to our Models overview for more information.

What do you mean by " Recommended range"?

Recommended Range is based on measured, field-proven performance and includes a 27db/km link margin which is sufficient to penetrate typical ranifall conditions. When deployed over the shorter ranges more representative of "last mile" acess much higher link margins and wather availability are achieved.

What is the transmission rate for the EC SYSTEM?

The transmission rate depend on model. The EC SYSTEM FSO operate at rates of 10Gbps, 1Gbps or 100 Mbps. You may increase the transmition rate adding IDUs for example +10 Gbps,+10 bps or +1 Gbps,+1Gbps up to 8 Gbps or up to 40 Gbps.

What kinds of accessories does EC SYSTEM  offers?

An optical aid is incorporated in the unit. All the FSO models has autotracking. The radios has inbuild full range spectrum analyzer and signal level indicator for easy and quickly deployment. You will need no aditional equipment for the instalation.

What impact does vibration have on the EC SYSTEM FSO?

EC SYSTEM FSO has been designed such that vibration will not effect on the system. The real-time autotracking system is inbuild in every EC SYSTEM free space optic wireless equipment.

Is there any way to realign the system automatically?

EC SYSTEM FSO has real-time autotracking in every model that allow automatic realign and compansate mast or building movement caused by thermal expansion, wind or earthquake.

What impact do birds on the free space optics?

Birds are unlikely to have any impact on transmission as a result of the spatial diversity between transmitters and the size of the receiver.

How often do the FSO system require cleaning?

The EC SYSTEM free space optics usually does not require periodic cleaning.

How the free space optics operates in situation of fog, strong wind,... Bad weather conditions (fog, heavy rain,and so on) are the main disadvantages of FSO, as we can read over the Internet.

The main information on the internet is based on the old technology of FSO and on the equipment produced by other producers which are using in their FSO other lower wavelength that our company and don´t use Real-time Auto tracking and Automatic Gain Control.  

The rain and wind affect more the functionality of microwaves systems than free space optics.  EC SYSTEM FSO has built-in Real-time Auto tracking in every model to compensate movement that is caused by thermal expansion of mast and building and motion of building and mast caused by wind.  Rain affect insignificantly, fog can affect on the quality in depends of the density of fog.  Fog is less usual than rain so FSO will affected less time a year than microwaves systems. 

 EC SYSTEM FSO uses 1550 nm wavelength and automatic gain control. Using 1550 nm wavelength allows higher reliability in worse weather conditions like rain and fog.  The laser head is equipped with Automatic Gain Control, this allow the system to keep the transmition on adverse weather conditions, and also prolong the lifetime of the equipment

Allows increase power of laser transmitter to ensure high reliability of connection in bad weather conditions. In the standard weather conditions the power of EC SYSTEM FSO is working on 30%, when the weather conditions make worse, the power of laser transmitter can automatically triplicate up to 100% in depends on the quality of link connection.

What is the "backup channel equipment option" ?

If you are worried about the condition during thick fog, you can use backup. Backup channel option means you can use ase backup radio system for example 5 or 3 GHz for EL-100M and EL-1GL  or E-Band for EL-10G to warranty some level of services during the fog  and the functionality of FSO will automatically switch on to the backup radio system during the worse weather condition.  Price of backup radio system is not included. 

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