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CCTV real time monitoring of remote areas

The robustness and reliability of EC SYSTEM outdoor wirelees Point to Point and Point to Multipoint makes it ideal for  CCTV real-time monitoring of remote areas in energy, mining and oil & gas industries operating in extreme climate conditionsOil and Gas industry operates from very remote locations and have tough natural conditions.The key to the operation and success of their business is a highly reliable network infrastructure with smooth connectivity to their remote facilities.The EC SYSTEM wireless point to point and wireless Point-to-Multipoint 3GHz and 5GHz supports more advanced applications such as remote video surveillance and plant monitoring.


EC SYSTEM outdoor wireless solution Point to Point (PtP) and Point to Multipoint (PtP) supports more advanced applications such as broadband real-time video surveillance and plant monitoring from remote areas. These applications require increased bandwidth and throughput on the transmission systems. Fast, reliable, long distance wireless backhaul, capable of high throughputs across long distances in extreme climate is therefore one of the most necessary applications in these sectors.

CCTV Bacbone GasIndustry

Laying fiber or copper is often cost ineffective or is not technically applicable so the deployment of a broadband wireless infrastructure or free space optics equipment is the most viable option to deploy. Robustness, reliability, high throughput, powerful features, media traffic applications (VoIP, video etc), prioritization of data, advanced QoS management and reliable transmission over long distances  are the reasons why the customer’s choice is EC SYSTEM.


  • Connection of remote sites to the headquarters 
  • Simultaneous CCTV transmission of voice, video and data across the network
  • Campus-style topologies for the connectivity of remote company branches or warehouses
  • Connection of video surveillance CCTV cameras  
  • Wireless Point-to-Point connection for backbone connections between production fields
  • Wireless Point-to-Multipoint solutions for data acquisition from multiple-well platforms to enable remote control
  • Point-to-Point connectivity between offshore platforms
  • Last mile CCTV connectivition for fuel filling stations - video surveillance, IP telephony, WI-FI Internet access
  • Wireless in motion for vessels


  • Mission critical traffic prioritization, prioritization of the real time applications
  • Increased safety and secure real time video, VOIP and data transmission from the remote areas to the head office
  • Scalable and reliable network
  • Real-time remote monitoring, maintenance and operation of the off-shore devices
  • GPS synchronization 
  • High capacity – up to 500 Mbps
  • 250Mbps PtMP Base Station
  • Long range PtP - up to 80 Km
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical connectivity
  • Near and non-line-of-sight (nLOS/NLOS) operation
  • Robustness and Reliability for deployment in harsh environment
  • Support Internet, Remote Desktop connections, SCADA, Telemetry, video surveillance, Voice,VPN

EC SYSTEM Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint product portfolio fulfilling demands of oil and gas companies to assure increased safety and operational efficiency.

EC SYSTEM Wireless base stations and CPEs (subscriber units) allow multiple video streaming. The base stations  high sector capacity is upgradeable from 40 to 240 Mbps and is minimizes the use of valuable radio spectrum compare  with many other Point-to-Multipoint wireless equipment. EC SYSTEM´s CPEs are able to provide bandwidth requirements between 8 and 50 Mbps net capacity.

Longer Distances

Built-in amplifiers and sophisticated radio design, with integrated remote monitoring features make EC SYSTEM solutions an ideal choice for backhauling data from distant locations and connecting remote sites to corporate networks. With capacities of up to 240 Mbps and distances in excess of 80 km, EC SYSTEM reduces capital expenditure required to cover long distances across difficult terrains.

Robust design and Reliability

Reliability and robustness are the most critical requirements for any outdoor wireless installation. EC SYSTEM broadband equipment has robust design taked into account dust and moisture making sure the units are well protected. A built-in lightning protection for the outdoor units will ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment in extreme environmental conditions. Complies with HAZLOC nad ATEX standards for operation in hazardous and potentially explosive atmospheres. 

  • Operating temperature range: -55 C to +60 C
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Protection from dust and moisture ingress (IP66/IP67 protection class)
Full Support of Real-time Applications

EC SYSTEM wireless solution for CCTV connection supports transmission of high-quality video streams in real-time allowing  prioritize bandwidth for different types of traffic so that low priority traffic won’t impact negatively on mission-critical data.

EC SYSTEM wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions enable energy and utility service providers to build a complete broadband network with high capacity over long distances, advanced features, low maintenance cost and affordable prices as compared to other vendors in the industry.


Communication Links between offshore platforms

EC SYSTEM Point-to-Point link with advanced radio features ensure signal quality to provide reliable overwater communication to remote offshore platforms and transfer voice, video, telemetry and data at distance of more than 50 km.

Connections between production fields
  • Bacbone for telemetry data acquisition from remote production fields
  • Network capacity allowing transmission of real-time HD video streams
  • Distance between monitoring and data acquisition centers and production fields up to 35 km for Point-to-Multipoint topology
  • Robustness and outdoor design make the EC SYSTEM equipment the most suituable equipment in the severe clmatic conditions.
Connection of telemetry sensors
  • Telemetry data acquisition from sensors and other telemetry devices
  • Distance between network backbone and data acquisition objectis over 15 km
  • Real-time data transfer from CCTV systems
  • Bacbone for data transfer to the network control center
Connection of fuel filling stations
  • Connection of remote fuel filling stations at a distance of up to 35 km in Point-to-Multipoint topology and up to 80 km in Point-to-Point topology
  • High-speed connection provides reliable Internet access, collection and transmission of service information from fuel filling stations and transmission of real-time video from surveillance cameras 

Benefits of EC SYSTEM:

  • Reliable operation in harsch weather conditions
  • High performance
  • Capacity upgradable up to 450 Mbps
  • Distance up to 100 km for Point-to-Point and 36 km for Point-to-Multipoint
  • Multiple simultaneous connections - video, cameras, WI-FI access points, multiple sensors
  • CAPEX optimization - pay-as-you grow, high MTBF
  • Unified management tools for all devices
  • Easy installation 


Point to Point EC Link

High bandwidth and throughput across long distances and real-time applications.

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EC Multipoint

Secure real time video, VOIP and data transmission from remotes facilities to the head office.

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