Wireless Backhaul Solutions

EC SYSTEM wireless backhaul solution helps operators and internet service providers to reduce infrastructure cost which is usually incurred in deploying towers and backhaul. Mobile operators roll out more 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) services to meet the growing request for capacity and multimedia applications. New media applications creates increase in the bandwidth requirements  on the mobile backhaul network. EC SYSTEM´s wireless solution with advanced QoS support cost effective Carrier Backhaul solutions for 2G/3G/4G networks. EC SYSTEM wireless poin-to-point EC-LINK  is optimized for Small Cell NLOS (non line of sight) backhauling. EC SYSTEM wireless high-capacity backhaul in 3GHz and 5GHz is a cost-effective alternative to optical fiber and microwave links that cannot operate in nLOS (near line of sight) conditions and areas over-water, enabling fast network rollout and significantly reducing lead-time to service.

Mobile operators also need to maximize utilization of each bit of transport in that backhaul network and must manage this bandwidth efficiently to create a satisfying quality for subscribers, using of differentiated multimedia Services  varying QoS requirements. EC SYSTEM´s wireless Backhaul solutions are completely standards based and fully interoperable. EC-LINK, optimised for Small Cell NLOS wireless Backhaul,Carrier Backhaul, Long-range Backhaul and LTE-Backhaul is very usefull also in urban areas where high radio interference is an issue coupled with Non- Line-of-Sight (NLOS) problems. EC SYSTEM wireless backhaul solution is capable of delivering IP traffic of up to 480 Mbps. Such solutions are deployed by tier-1 carrier providers worldwide for backhaul 2G-4G  radio access networks (RAN) in cities and remote areas. EC SYSTEM point-to-point is a cost-effective alternative solution to leased lines and microwave links that cannot operate in nLOS conditions and areas over-water. EC SYSTEM broadband backhaul system  performs well in extreme environments where there are harsh weather conditions. This applies to 3GHz licensed and 5 GHz-6 GHz unlicensed bands in non-line-of-sight conditions. 


  • Host of Cellular Backhaul applications3G/4G LTE wireless Backhaul
  • Rapid and cost effective cellular network expansion to remote locations
  • Roll out of 3G/4G overlay in cities
  • Rapid cost-effective network extension
  • Long-haul IP connectivity
  • Wi-Fi access point & 3G Small Cell Backhaul
  • Backhauling access networks (e.g. small DSLAM, wireless PtMP)
  • Lightweight high spectral efficiency backhaul for WISP or mobile operator networks
  • High-capacity wireless Backhaul for IP-based CCTV networks
  • NLOS wireless Backhaul


  • Capacity throughput of up-to 500 Mbps
  • Up to 16 E1 + Ethernet in a single radio
  • Long range performance of up to 80 KM
  • LOS (line-of-sight) and NLOS (non-line-of-sight) deployment
  • Network expansions fast and easy
  • Plug & play solution with operating frequencies of 5-6GHz for Ultra-long wireless Backhaul links
  • Advanced Quality-of-Service features
  • Provides comprehensive plan for Small Cell Backhaul deployment
  • TDD synchronization through IEEE1588, bulit-in GPS receiver
  • Multiple bands supported by a single radio
  • Multiple channel widths between 3.5-40 MHz
  • The best spectral efficiency
  • Superior performance and processing power
  • Multiple management and monitoring options
  • Availability 99.999% along distances up to 20-30 km
Reliability and robustness of outdoor design
  • IP66/IP67
  • Operating temperature -40+60C
  • Built-in surge protection
Extended QoS functionality
  • Recognition of RTP traffic – automatic voice detection and prioritization
  • Aware of the QoS  standarts 802.1p/ToS/DiffServ –traffic selection and prioritization
  • Filtering criteria based on IP or MAC addresses,TCP/UDP ports,VLAN tags etc
  • Up to 17 priority queues
  • Traffic shaping
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation for different Services
Advanced networking support for Backhaul
  • Tunneling (IP-over-IP,Ethernet-over-IP)
  • MAC/IP filtering
  • Full featured L2 switch (Full VLAN support, STP,Multicast(IGMP snooping),Q-in-Q link aggregation
  • IP routing  (Static, RIPv1/v2,OSPFv2)
  • Multipool NAT
  • L2/L3 IP-Firewall
  • DHCP client/server/relay
Security of data transmission

EC SYSTEM wireless equipment has strong security fetures to ensure data transfer in the most secure way.

Unit protection:

  • Password protected CLI and Web interface
  • SNMPv3,
  • SSH and HTTPS options for unit management
  • Management VLAN

Data integrity:

  • Advanced over the air encryption
  • Network Security:
  • Built-in storm and flood protection
  • Built-in full-fledged IP Firewall to filter traffic
  • Tunneling
  • VLANs
Point-to-Point Wireless Backhaul solution
Product FamilyKey FeaturesFrequency Bands   Applications     


Output power up to 27 dBm

Net throughput up to 480 Mbps

IEEE1588 v2

2xGigE and SFP interfaces

TDD synchronisation



3G/4G rural backhaul

NLOS Small-cell backhaul

ISP backhaul


Output power up to 27 dBm

Net throughput up to 280 Mbps

GigE interface

TDD synchronisation

3 GHz 

5 GHz

6 GHz

CCTV backhaul

Enterprise backhaul


Output power up to 18/27 dBm

Net throughput up to 180 Mbps

2xFastEthernet, PoE out

3 GHz

5 GHz

6 GHz

WISP access system

Video surveillance

wireless infrastructure


Free space Optics

Free-license operation with high bandwith up to 40 Gbps.

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Point to Point EC Link

Optimised for small cell NLOS backhauling, LTE High-capacity backhaul,cellular bakhaul applications

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