Public Safety and Video Surveillance

Public Safety and Video Surveillance

EC SYSTEM wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint equipment for 3GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz  can be used with outdoor wireless video surveillance systems located in extreme environmental conditions or in remote locations. All of EC SYSTEM wireless equipment come with a powerful set of features that  improve performance and reliability, such as media-application (VoIP, video, etc), prioritization of voice, data or video and advanced Quality-of-Service (QoS) management.

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  • Wireless infrastructures for CCTV and Surveillance systems
  • Wireless connectivity for surveillance cameras, speed radars, etc.
  • Emergency and medical services
  • Border management and control
  • Intelligent Traffic management system
  • Broadband video surveillance system

Both private security companies and government agencies rely on Fixed Broadband Wireless Access (FBWA) solutions such as EC SYSTEM to provide them with wireless infrastructure for secure Video-over-IP application.

EC SYSTEM broadband point-to-multipoint networks allow connectivity for public safety agencies such as the police departments and fire stations among others.

EC SYSTEM wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint equipment, supporting high-capacity and highly-reliable connection in 3GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz, has been used in outdoor video surveillance systems, that are located in different environmental conditions or in remote locations. Quality of Services (QoS), built-in EC SYSTEM broadband equipment provides prioritization of voice, data or video traffic.EC SYSTEM wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solution is fully optimised to handled high uplink and provide  throughputs required for live video streaming without interruptions

Full Support of Real-time Applications

EC SYSTEM microwave equipment provides transmission of real in time video streaming and allowes to prioritize other types of traffic to ensure the lowest latency. 

EC SYSTEM wireless equipment supporting unconditional media-application traffic (VoIP, video, etc) has flexible Quality-of-Service (QoS) managment able to:

  • Prioritise voice, data or video traffic on any network
  • Recognition o RTP traffic - automatic voice detection and prioritization
  • Aware of QoS standards 802.1p/ToS/DiffServ - traffic selection and prioritization
  • up to 17 priority queues
  • Traffic shaping

EC SYSTEM microwave equipment provides reliable connectivity for  video, data and voice transfer in real time required for video surveillance  as well as  video streaming, traffic light monitoring, highway safety and traffic management.

Deploying wireless EC SYSTEM point-to-point and point-to-multipoint allows public safety agencies to fully own and control their network connectivity whiles reducing operational costs by replacing leased lines with wireless links

  • High capacity multiple data streaming
  • Real time video, data and voice transfer
  • Optimization for Uplink
  • Full Support of Real-time Applications
  • Multi-service Transport Network
  • High throughput and coverage
  • Wide range selection of frequency bands  3.4 to 3.7 GHz, and 4.9 to 6.4 GHz
  • The base stations provides sector capacity software upgradable from 40 to 240 Mbps, CPEs net capacity is software upgradable from 8 and 50 Mbps.
  • Point-to-Point solution provides high net capacity of up to 480 Mbps over long distances in LOS and up to 240 Mbps in NLOS conditions.

EC SYSTEM solutions enable the deployment of high-performance infrastructures with the minimum number of network elements, therefore reducing total cost of ownership.


Unit protection:

  • Password protected CLI and Web interface (HTTP)
  • SNMPv3 with authentication for secure management and maintenance
  • SSH and HTTPS connectivity options for unit management
  • Management VLAN

Data integrity:

Advanced over the air 128 bit encryption

Network security:

  • Built-in network storm and flood protection
  • Built-in full-fledged IP-Firewall allowing to filter traffic according to virtually any criteria
  • Tunneling (Ethernet over IP, IP over IP)
  • VLANs





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