Free space optics provides connectivity for WISP

EC SYSTEM wireless optical link (Free space optics) has resolved challenge with connectivity in noise dense urban areas with big WI-FI intereference,Veselí nad Moravou, Czech Republic

Sector: Internet Service Provider (ISP, company)                                

Environmental conditions:

The territory around Veselí nad Moravou is, according to the map of climatic regions, located in a warm or slightly warm area and belongs to the warmer areas in the Czech Republic. Fog may occur during spring and autumn mornings.

Reason of implementation:

Dense coverage and big Wi-Fi interference of other networks (2,4GHz and 5GHz), Free space optics equipment (FSO) for wireless Point-to-Point connectivity provides license free operations in line of sight (LoS)and reliable connection also in noise dense urban areas. ISP would not have  to pay frequency license fee for other frequency. 

Benefits of EC SYSTEM FSO:

  • Wireless License free operation
  • Providing reliable operation in noise dense urban areas.
  • Immune to interference
  • Fast and simple deployment 


EL-100M with capacity 100 Mbps at distance 2000m, One side ( Indoor unit and outdoor unit) was installed on the roof of a house, the second one on the roof of a block of flats.

EL-100M with capacity of 100 Mbps at distance of 6.800m el-100m.pdf

El-1G with speed of 1 Gigabit/s at distance of 1.400m

Impressions of installation received from a technician from ISP: QUICK AND EASY INSTALATION up to 1 hour (because of the auto-tracking system the installation was quick in comparison to wireless opticak connection from other manufacturers). 

During the period of using this module there has been a variety of environmental circumstances such as sun, snow, and days with fog or/and rain.EC SYSTEM free space optics  also worked in the heavy rain periods while the other manufacturers’ FSO stopped working. The EC SYSTEM wireless optical link has auto-tracking system inbuilt that is why it works very well even if the strong wind moves  with the mast which it was installed on.



Wireless optical link

Free space optics provides 10 Gigabit data transmission in Full Duplex, no diging no license

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