Free space optics 1 Gigabit

Free space optics equipment (FSO) with 1 Gigabit throughput in Full Duplex is wireless optical Point-to-Point link to provide the most effective options for security and safety systems, Backhauls and wiress point-to-point connectins required high speed data transfer and at the same time have request for high security of communication. 

EC SYSTEM Free space optics EL-1G with capacity 1 Gigabit provides laser communication with speed 1 Gigabit in Full Duplex up to 15 km and can serve as cost-effective alternative to the E-band microwaves systems. 

Benefits of Free space optics (FSO) versus E-Band                                                                                                             EC SYSTEM free space optics 1 Gigabit

  • Distance up to 15 km for 1Gbs
  • Distance  does not affect the capacity
  • The most secure system
  • No license required, no regulated
  • Fast and easy deployment in minutes, automatic adjustment, auto tracking
  • No interception

Area of Free space optics network application

  • Point-to-Point, star, mesh and ring topology
  • Backhaul
  • First mile connectivity
  • Last mile connectivity
  • Fast temporary optical wireless connectivity in disaster recovery

Key Features of EC SYSTEM Free space optics

Throughput: 1 Gigabit/s

Bandwidth: 1250 Mbps Full duplex                      

Wavelenght: 1550 nm

Latency:      less 0,125 ms

Distance range: EL-1GS: up to 1200m  el-1gs.pdf

Distance range: EL-1GL: up to 4400 m  el-1gl.pdf

Basic interfaces: 10/100/1000 Base TX, SFP:1000 Base-SX

Alignment:  Autotracking system (targeting and aiming), speed of autotracking adjustment 8 mrad/s

Mangement: IP monitoring: Web, UDP (firmware), SNMP traps, Built in service channel

Voltage: 48 V DC

Operating temperature: -40,+50 C


Built-in Real-time AGC (Automatic Gain Control) regulated the optical transmit power of the laser diode depending on wireless optical link quality automatically in real time to ensure high availability of the optical wireless connection.

Real-time Auto tracking built-in compensates movement caused by motion of mast or building 

Topology of "star" or "ring", Point to Point or  connection to otherexisting networks. 

Benefits of using wireless optical link (FSO):

  • Fast and simple deployment and redeployment
  • No technology regulation
  • High secure and high reliable communication without interception
  • No diging required

Success story:

The EC SYSTEM Free space optics with capacity 1 Gbps provides highly secure data transfer for bank branches in Luanda, Angola and Data Centre in Mexico. 


10 Gbps Full Duplex see free space optics EL-10G 


Free space Optics

Optical wireless connection FSO up to 10 Gbps Full Duplex imune to interception

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