Free Space Optics 10 Gigabits EL-10G

EC SYSTEM 10-Gigabits Free space Optics is wireless optical link, which can be supplied with the option to upgrade the capacity up to 30 Gbps by software key. Free space optics 10Gigabit is cost-effective alternative to the optical fibre technology. The main advantege of Free space optics bridge is fast and easy deployment and redeployment. Deployment of optical wireless Point-to-Point (PtP) link does not required diging or municipal permission. 

EC SYSTEM free space optics 10Gigabit

Benefits FSO versus Fiber optics:

  • No municipal permission required
  • Wireless optical link is immune from nearby radio frequency interception
  • The most secure system
  • No digging required
  • Mobility
  • Fast and easy deployment and redyployment
Area of FSO network application:
  • Optical wireless Point-to-Point 
  • Hot standby
  • Mesh and Ring
  • Backhaul
  • Internet Service providers
  • Government and private companies
  • Cost effective alternative to the optical fibre technology

Free space optics EL-10G

Throughput: 10 Gigabits/s

Bandwidth: 10312,5 Mbps Full duplex

Wavelenght: 1550 nm

Link distances: up to 1500m            

Latency:      less 0,05 ms

Basic interface: 1Gbps/10/Gbps SFP+

Additional interfaces: 2-63 E1 channels

Alignment:  Autotracking system (targeting and aiming), speed of autotracking adjustment 8 mrad/s

Mangement: IP monitoring: Web, UDP (firmware),SNMP traps

Built in service channel

Voltage 48 V DC

Operating temperature: -40,+50 C

The optical link with capacity 10 Gigabits and option to upgrade up to 30 Gigabits has part name EL-10Gext

Download leaflet:el-10g.pdf (337 kB)


  • Real-time AGC (Automatic Gain Control) regulates power of laser depending of the link quality to ensure high availability of the wireless optical connection.
  • Real-time Auto tracking  compensates movements caused by  motion the mast or bulding and at the same time allows the deployment of free space optics sequipment most simple and faster compered with the other technology 
  • Free space optics equipment can be used in networks topology of point-to-point, "star" or "ring",  

Success story:

EC SYSTEM Free space optics provides highly reliable transfer of big data for Data Center Company in Mexico City, Bank in Angola, Internet Service Provider and Mobile operators all over the World.  


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Free space Optics

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