Real time CCTV Video Surveillance

Video SurveillanceEC SYSTEM wireless solution in 3GHz and 5GHz for broadband CCTV real-time wireless video surveillance systems includes reliable broadband point-to-point and point-to-multipoint equipment for  CCTV real-time monitoring as well as video streaming for public safety operators, traffic light monitoring, highway safety and road traffic management. 

EC SYSTEM wireless equipment has a number of advanced features that include prioritisation of data t and flexible Quality-of-Service management.

In order to provide safety and security, data from network video surveillance CCTV cameras need to be streamed constantly. Any system required to achieve this must be able to support high-capacity and high-reliability. EC SYSTEM wireless point-to-point and wireless point-to-multipoint products can be used with outdoor video surveillance systems located in extreme environmental conditions and  in remote locations. Our QoS capability feature is able to prioritise voice, data or video traffic on any network.

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  • Wireless infrastructures for CCTV and Surveillance systems
  • Wireless CCTV connectivity for surveillance cameras, speed radars, etc.
  • Support video traffic management
  • Remote monitoring in motion


  • High capacity for multiple data stream transmission
  • Real time video traffic
  • Robustness and reliability
  • IGMP snooping handled multicast traffic
  • Advanced QoS policies allowed prioritize the different traffics
  • The highest quality of transmission, availability of 99.999% across distances of up to 20-30 km

Real-time communication support

  • EC SYSTEM MINT protocol coupled with QoS policies for traffic prioritization and the available TDMA technology
  • Full QoS support with automatic recognition of RTP traffic and multiple selection and prioritization criteria
  • Reduced jitter values and ultra low latency values of down to 3ms
  • TDMA technology improves jitter

Optimisation for Uplink

Broadband Video Surveillance systems and Traffic Monitoring applications are usually used to provide multiple video streaming. These applications require high capacity remote or subscriber units with robust and reliable uplink capabilities.  EC SYSTEM wireless Point to Point and wireless Point to Multipomint equipment is fully optimised to handle such high uplink demands, providing high throughputs required for streaming live high-quality video with high reliability.

High Capacity

The base stations and subscriber units provides handling multiple video streams. The base stations provides high sector capacity unit which is software upgradeable from 40 to 240 Mbps net throughput and uses less of the radio spectrum than traditional point-to-multipoint wireless systems. EC SYSTEM wireless CPEs comply with bandwidth requirements between 8 and 50 Mbps net capacity.

Robust design and Reliability

Reliability and robustness is the most required for any outdoor wireless deployment. EC SYSTEM wireless equipment has been deployed in different countries around the world. Its robust design, taking into account dust and moisture and a built-in lightning protection for the outdoor units will ensure high reliability of the equipment in the extreme environmental conditions.  

Multi-service Transport Network

IP networks deployed for the transmission of video streams is used for other purposes such as data and voice transmission. EC SYSTEM outdoor wireless point to point and wireless point to multipoint system provide high capacity transmission for these applications. Its Quality-of-Service management features  used to ensure top priority settings and highest quality for real-time and time-sensitive applications.

High throughput and coverage

EC SYSTEM wireless  point-to-point solution provide a high net throughput of up to 480 Mbps over long distances in LOS and up to 240 Mbps in NLOS conditions.

Cost effectiveness

EC SYSTEM cost effective wireless point to point and wireless point to multipoint combine advanced radio technologies such as MIMO technology and OFDM as well as advanced QoS. Software upgradable capabilities with other features allowes customers to benefit from single and solid system for all backhaul applications.

Wide range selection of frequency bands

From 3.4 to 3.7 GHz, and 4.9 to 6.4 GHz, all on a single hardware platform

 Success story of video surveillance:

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Point to Point EC Link

OFDM with MIMO/diversity allows operation in nLOS (near) and NLOS (non-line-of-sight)

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EC Multipoint

Supports High-quality video streams in real-time mode, high capacity for multiple streams...

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