Free space Optics 10 Gbps

EC SYSTEM Free space optics  provides 10 Gigabits transmission for Data Centre EC SYSTEM FSO 10 Gbps deployment

Sector: IT sector – Data centre company in Mexico City

Environmental conditions:         

Mexico City is a big industrial city with 15 million residents. The city is located between the mountains and there is a lot of smog and dust produced by industrial plants. This area has dry winter months. In Mexico is rainy season generally from May/June through to October each year—sometimes spilling over into November. Rains may linger-on with overcast skies or drizzle continuing for up to a few days.  More often come monsoon rains and pass quickly, or morning cloud and mist brought by overnight storms evaporates swiftly during the course of the day.

Installation conditions:

There is a high seismic activity in Mexico with frequent earthquakes which cause shaking of the buildings and mast.

In the Mexico City there is a high noise pollution in densely populated area with big WIFI interference with other data radio networks, there is a lot of historical monuments underground  and it is very hard to obtain the permission for grounding of cables from a local municipality. Due to these reasons it is sometimes almost impossible to deploy the optical cable in the ground at all or at least cost effectively and using of MW radio technology is also not recommendable because the Wi-Fi noise dense area. At the same time, the Data Centre Company has demand for big data transmission with high security. The connection must be high capacity, reliable and without the risk of interception.  

Solution: EC SYSTEM Free space optics with net throughput 10 Gigabit in Full Duplex

Reason for deployment of wireless optical link EC SYSTEM free space optics:

  • 10 Gbps Full Duplex capacity with high reliability and without risk of interception
  • High security of data transfer
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • No license and municipal regulation
  • No diging
  • Reliability of connection in noise dense with big radio interference and earthquake risks

There has been deployed wireless optical link EL-10GL with capacity 10 Gbps by our  local business partner, company LB SISTEMAS,  the specialists and integrator in the area of telecommunications and information technology. 

Letter of recommandation carta-recomendacion-ec-system-el-1g-el-10g-lb-sistemas.pdf





Wireless optical link

Free space optics provides 10 Gigabit data transmission in Full Duplex, no diging no license

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