Synchronization Unit

EC-TDD-SYNC is outdoor TDD Synchronization unit, which provides a timing reference to EC SYSTEM Point-to-Multipoint base station sectors as well as to EC-SYSTEM Point-to-Point links.  In comination with EC-SYSTEM´s TDMA-based wireless network architecture, EC SYSTEM synchronization unit provides TDD synchronization to its systems. TDD synchronization eliminates self-interference between multiple co-located units and enables frequency re-use within the same site. 

Key Features

  • Compatible with EC-Multipoint base sttion sectors and EC-Link units (see compatible models in Specifications table)
  • Embedded GPS receiver and active antenna
  • Providing GNSS-based timing reference
  • Intrea-and inter-site synchronization
  • Providing geo-positioning information and UTC time
  • 7 synchronization ports


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