Free space Optics 30 Gigabits

EL-10Gex is  EC SYSTEM Free space optics (FSO) with net throughput  up to 30 Gbps/s. It is the unique optical wireless solution cabable to provide such big data connection with low latency and without posibility of interception through the air.  Free space optics is the most secure connection used by bank sector, Data Centres or government to transmit data of high confidentiality.

Key Advantage of Free space optics equipment:Free space optics EC SYSTEM 30 Giga

  • No electromagnetic radiation
  • Narrow transmission diagram 
  • Imposible interception
  • Licence free operation
  • Fast deployment
  • No diging required

Key features of EC SYSTEM Free space optics:

  • Data rate up to 30 Gbps Full Duplex
  • Distance up to  1300m
  • Low latency
  • Wavelenght 1550 nm
  • Transparent interface for Sync E, IEEE 1588v2, CPRI
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Interface 3 ports 10 G SFP+
  • Autotracking

el-10gex.pdf (214 kB)

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