Product Portfolio

Point to Point and Point to Multipoint connectionEC SYSTEM provides a comprehensive high capacity wireless  Point-to-Point for Carrier Backhaul, NLOS Backhaul, last mile connectivity. Wireless Point-to-Point (PtP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) solution is provided in 3Ghz, 5Ghz, 6Ghz subbands and delivere up to 500 Mbps over long distances, granting  reliable real-time video conection for CCTV and video surveillance. EC SYSTEM Free space optics equipment (FSO) for gigabit wireless optical connectivity Point-to-Point with capacity up to 40 Gigabits, providing reliable connection even in noise dense urban areas allows high confidential data transfer. 

Applications of EC SYSTEM wireless solution:

  • Mobile Cellular Backhaul
  • LTE Backhaul 
  • Carrier Backhaul
  • Last mile
  • Wireless infrastructures for CCTV and Surveillance systems
  • Wireless connectivity for surveillance cameras, speed radars, etc.
  • Public Safety Networks 
  • High performance public safety and public acces network



Free space Optics

Wireless optical link, free space optics (FSO), providing 10 Gigabit in Full Duplex is the most...

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EC Multipoint

High troughput for your wireless streaming live high-quality video, CCTV and Video Surveillance.

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Point to Point EC Link

Optimal wireless Point to point solution for carrier back-haul in 3 GHz and in ulicensed 5GHz and...

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